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Monday, February 16, 2009

unspoken words

Prarthana was a very ordinary but sweet natured girl, she deeply loved Namit. Namit was on the other hand good looking, smart, extremely charming and sophisticated. All his friends competed for his attention and Prathana was the mute spectator

Prarthana was of an extremely shy nature, one of those girls who could not speak properly to men, forget about proposing. Whenever Namit used to come near her she used to become dumb, so, as was supposed to happen Namit fell in love with the sweetest girl of the group, Chaitali.

Prarthana left the town to pursue higher studies and settled there, from there she came to know that Namit and Chaitali has married, after that she lost interest to keep in touch with them, but it took her years to forget Namit and move over, in her work place she found a friend, a philosopher ,a guide, Ronit.

Ronit was good looking in his own ways, he may be unattractive to majority of the person but his intelligent and kind nature reflected on his face, which made him even more beautiful. He helped Prarthana forget her first hurt and made her smile again. But deep within Prarthana was still in love with Ronit. Just like an sickly child her heart would not let him go. No matter how much she convinced her.

One day she was returning home from office all of a sudden some one called her out, she looked back and saw Namit standing, her heart missed a beat, she stopped and smiled, Namit came towards her with his easy grace and she was bowled over again.

When Namit came near then only she noticed that he was holding the hand of a small child, Namit introduced her as her daughter Sonali, she was shocked to know that Chaitali has passed away when Sonali was only a few months old, Namit and his parents are bringing up the child.

She went back home, her heart sad and happy at the same time, her heart was sad for untimely death of Chaitali and beaming with the hope of winning her long lost love.

When she met Ronit she could not hide her excitement and told him all about it, she thought she saw a deep pain in his eyes but kept on bubbling with joy. After that Ronit slowly distanced himself from her and she started to mix with Namit and Sonali.

Ronit used to come to meet her often but their friendship was slowly dying due to Prarthana’s lack of interest, she was fully obsessed with Sonali and Namit.

They also used to look forward for her visit, especially Sonali became her shadow, Namit was extremely relieved to see them together, he could easily leave Sonali with Prarthana on the days when his parents were not around, because he knew Prarthana would love that.

One day Prarthana came back with a burning fever, the doctor diagnosed her and told her that it’s a case of acute measles. She was lying alone in bed when the doorbell rang, she opened the door and Namit and Sonali were standing there, Namit asked her if he could leave Sonali for a few days with her because his grand mother is ill and all three of them will have to leave for a couple of days to bring her here, and if Prarthana will keep Sonali her school wont be missed.

Prarthana sadly told him the doctor’s diagnosis, Namit left with Sonali, advicing her to take care of herself and promised he will be back after his return. Prarthana went back to her bed tired and sleepy.

She was about to sleep when the door bell rang again, she went to the door hoping that Namit must have cancelled his visit, but when she opened the door she saw Ronit standing there with his mother. His mother told her that they met Namit in the station and he told them about her condition. After listening to it Ronit goaded his mother to nurse her. Her mother went to the kitchen to prepare some soup for her and Ronit sat down beside her bed talking to her gently.

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