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Monday, February 16, 2009

message of hatred

Message of hatred dished out on the day of love. Quite thought provoking is not it? I am unmarried by choice and a choice I am quite happy about. Specially after observing this world from a close sector for last atleast 25 years, that is after I became fifteen years old. Before that I think I did not had much of observation power. Nothing I can vow for.

From the last ten years or so indians have discovered valentine day, courtsey media and card companies I believe. I don’t even remotely believe in such childish concepts. This is for children and youngsters to celebrate.

The thing which puzzles me even more is why do indians interfere so much in this beautiful feeling called love? I am dead against public display of animal desire. But falling in love, and after falling in love with each other a strong desire to stay together or holding hand or sitting together is perfectly normal to me.

I hundred percent agree that lovers often cross the limit of chastity, or decency or decorum, then again they are supposed to act that way because passion is blind. That’s very natural phenomenon for youngsters. But they should be given some special places where they can spend some time together, and a board should be displayed outside warning the non romantic people like me or family men who do love parks and open air. Should not they be given the chance to live like normal human beings who have every right to like and love some one? If we have problem with that we should not do such things ourselve or stop our children to do so. And if a parent says that he or she cant control his or her children that’s a crying shame for him or her. How did our parents controlled us without raising their voices? I have never been scolded harshly by my parents or always had my own say or personality. Then why did not I do any thing wrong?

I belong to a very conservative family, where most of the people get married to the persons their parents choose till date. Even though they are given complete liberty in every aspect of their life and grow up in a very beautiful environment where parents and children trust each other completely. Even though all my siblings and their spouses keep their romantic feelings to themselves and we never have to be embarrassed because of their love for each other, I really despise the way these self proclaimed preachers are disturbing these harmless children or youngsters who are acting a lot more naturally than them, by loving not hating other human beings.

If they are that eager for their welfare they can approach their parents and consult them why they think that their children are acting improperly. By shoving their opinion on these people they are provoking them to do normal things under the cover of darkness and provoke immorality. Doing things without the knowledge of society or their parents. In an era of epidemics like AIDS lurking around the corner I think indian society should wake up, smell the coffee and give youngsters some private space of their own.

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