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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

lust for love

These people are supposed to be most cherished, because they already cross the half way mark of an affection by being love hungry, they love without discrimination, all they need for a successful relation is reciprocation, but in reality they are either lonely or abused. A rare few of them get a person who matches their wavelength and have a mutual feeling for them.

No two persons are alike, there are various types of human beings, and these people usually crave for affection desperately in a materialistic world, where people have all of a sudden started to measure affection in the yardstick of utility. In their desperate crave for affection these people forget harsh reality. They try to win over the affection of their loved ones at any cost. As a result end up badly exploited or hurt.

Being an unmarried person with lots of patience and time for friends I have had ample opportunity of mixing with these people and trying to sort out the reason why they are hurt again and again in relationships. I have observed a few similarities in most of them.

First is these people think that loving some one with all their heart will make the other person love them. If they keep on trying one day that person will reciprocate. These words look good in books but in reality they should try some thing else, my mind says if they really love some one they should first judge that whether they can have that person or not, if yes, they should befriend that person and before falling madly in love with that person clarify her stand. Whether or not she is least interested in having such an relationship with him. Even if two persons are completely compatible to each other, that hardly means that they can fall in love with each other. The loveaholics should understand one thing very clearly mutual love is as rare as a diamond. Most of the affections in this world are one sided.

Second is they think losing love means end of the world, it is not that way. It does not proves that their love was inferior, it simply means that they were not meant for each other. These people often take relationships far more seriously than it is for their dignity. They mix up failure in relationships with failure in life or commitment. As a result they try to make a relationship work at the cost of their dignity, happiness, well being and some times ethics. They forget to teach us one important lesson that is, being stuck in an abusive relationship takes us nowhere, its better to leave it behind and look for a person who will give us the joy and happiness we need and deserve.

Third is gift or money cant procure love, in the contrary it may attract greedy people. If they want to lavish their lovers they should rather go for simple, beautiful but not too costly things in initial stages, to test if they measure things by money. Say, for example, a genuine person will be overwhelmed if her lover brings her a rose every day, or never fails to bring a chocolate or small gifts like a pen, or a memento for her once in a while, but a greedy person will most probably not be content with such things, and move on for greener pastures. So, as they are looking for love, they should be sure that the person they love is also looking for the same. If they don’t throw some simple tests they may turn into the emotional slaves of some one who is not even remotely interested in his affection. I have seen too many examples of this, where people don’t take even blunt hints about the real target of their object of affection. People who use others usually don’t have much time to spend after a single relationship, they usually test how much they can extract from that person in a very well-planned and rapid speed and take the decision. There is nothing to feel bad if some one has fallen victim to these people, even the wisest people sometimes fall for cunning charm. The best thing they can do is to discard them the moment they know their real face.

I have observed these things more minutely in literature, especially in Of human bondage by Somerset Maugham, that story taught me an invaluable lesson, that some people are born to love and some others are there to exploit them. But to my greatest joy the hero found the reciprocation of his love in the end in some one else. I often suggest sensitive and loving people to read this novel at least once. This book is a great teacher of human relationships.

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