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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

imitation is suicide

Mrs. Gupta stifled her laughter applying her full strength when Lucy passed by them, she took enough care to stop for a while and chat with them in halting English, in the meanwhile showing them her new pair of jeans and costly top, which looked horrible on her. She told her goodbye but not without forgetting to let them know that it has been imported from Singapore.

The moment she disappeared from the vision of their view the w3 that is wicked3 smirked at each other.

Mrs. Ghosh calmly commented, “She was quite alright when she was herself, not trying to become Trina.”

Mrs. Dutta added, “Why does not this poor girl understands, or some one does not tells her that she cant become Trina, they belong to two different spheres.”

Lucy aka Lekha, as she was known before her marriage to Prabir was the center of their joke. Prabir was in love with Trina but they could not marry because his family did not approved Trina, and Prabir knew his family will make her life nightmare if he marries her against their will so he watched her walk away forever.

When his family chose Lekha as his bride he just simply married her and after that started to live as a bachelor again. He pretended as if he was not married at all.

His mother started to blame Lekha that she does not have the power to win over her husband’s love. Due to her constant goading Lekha’s life became miserable and she started to hate Trina with all her heart.

She belonged to a family which was more interested in teaching girls how to become good home maker, hence she never even touched a news paper or read a book outside her curriculum.

Whereas Trina belonged to a family with deep root in cultural activity, hence her world was surrounded by book, music and art. As a result she had a bending toward the spiritual self. She lived in this world but some how was not touched by the evil of this world, every one who came near her could feel that strange aura.

Getting tired of her husband’s coldness and mother in law’s hostility Lekha started to spy on Trina, who unfortunately lived just near her, she befriended her using her na├»ve nature and started to copy every thing she did. Her way of talking, her appearance, her hobbies blindly. She became so obsessed with copying her that she crossed every limit, she used to befriend her friends behind her back and talk ill of her, blaming her falsely that she is still not over with her husband and that is the reason her husband ignores her.

But as it happens in small communities her games were caught within a short span of time and she ended up feeling like a fool. Prabir distanced himself even more when he came to know the things she has been doing.

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