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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

our image

We create our own public image, it’s a big truth. God may have given us a nature, but the image which we create is almost entirely dependent on us and the environment in which we are brought up, a truth which we cant deny.

Our biggest teacher in grooming our public image is society. When we are out in public, that is in school, college or office, we should know that the people who are judging us there are not half as much forgiving as our family members. We can get some genuine chances of self improvement in the world outside our family, if we take them we become a better human being, and if we lose them we become extremely unpopular or may end up lonely, even homophobic.

I have personally noted a few which make people very quickly very unpopular. First one is one of the most common, seemingly harmless but extremely annoying in long run. That is always speaking ill of most of the people we know. This habit is extremely common, but it shows an extreme arrogance and negative mindset of the person. People often shy away from these people, because they are deadly for any one’s mental peace or self confidence. People very naturally think that if he talks ill of every one behind their back its but natural that he will speak ill of me the moment I turn my back on him. Illsayers seal their coffin themselves. These people very soon find out that excluding some very kind, patient people none speaks with them. My suggestion for these people is to realize the simple truth, no one is perfect, we human beings have more vices than virtues. Just like we see faults in others, others also see them in us. They are kind to not point them out, so, we also should try that kindness on others. Unless we see some fault that can be harmful to some one, why point them out? Why ruin some one’s day if we cant make it?

Second one is not as harmless as the first one, but its equally common, I call it garbage truck syndrome, just like an overstuffed garbage truck sometimes spills out the garbage and makes the life of those near it miserable, these people cant check their tendency of venting out their personal frustrations on others. They make the life of those who are nearby them miserable. One fine morning, every thing is flowery and you just happen to encounter them, they either snap at you without any reason or corner you and pour out all their personal miseries till all the flowers are dead in your poor heart. These people should realize one harsh truth, our personal problems are our personal problems, the less we talk about them the better, because 45 percent of the listeners wont listen, fifty percent will laugh or make that their latest gossip topic, hardly one percent will listen and suggest a solution and the remaining four percent will store that in their brain and use it later. Experienced people say that as long as you keep a secret its your slave, the moment you set it free its your master. The same thing happens in case of most of our personal life details.

The third one is nay saying, these people always see the world in negative light, they never see any hope in any thing, especially if it is out of the routine track, and try to spread that feeling to any one near them. Go to them, discussing a new career, new course they will promptly find out half a dozen hindrances, ignoring the assets. Show them a new dress, a new gadget, all they will concentrate is on its setbacks. As a result they are usually avoided by smart and sensitive people. Because we all live with insecurities, and we can hardly tolerate a person on the long run who will aptly point them out to us, and make us even more insecured. The sooner these people realize the truth the better it is for them is its all on the way of looking at a glass half full of milk, one will call it half empty, the other will call it half full. That is the way life is too, here every rose has its thorn. As long as the rose is there no need to count the thorns. Just cherish the flower. Point out the thorns only if the rose is absent.

God may have given us the nature, status and physical appearance, but our public image is made solely by ourselves. And it can be repaired at any point of time, no matter how much we have ruined it before that, if we are sincere we can repair most of the damage if not all.

Again, its our public image by which people usually judge us, a very rare group of people know our true nature, so, its very wise to act accordingly. And the best way is to judge others, and see what we hate in them, and never do it ourselves.

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