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Friday, March 27, 2009

Disappearing laughter

If we notice we will see, how this virtue is disappearing from the society, I believe the main reason behind it are smile snubbers. They are a hefty portion of the society.. the people who are either unhappy or grumpy, so they love to play the role of smile snubbers. Whenever they see some one happy or in a light mood they think that its their divine duty to rectify that fault and they mostly successfully do it. Snub the smile away from the lips before it turns into a laughter.

You will usually find them in every place, if you are born with smiling lips like me, and trying your level best to copy others who are successful at suppressing it. They are abundant in office, in buses in parks every where. They are huge in number. They have one common symptom, they think life is too serious to enjoy. Enjoying life is immatured. In the eyes of these souls life is either a torment, or a grave duty which they have to perform. I was once of a very silly nature, that is, till seven or eight years ago I used to laugh too much, hence I have faced the wrath of this species too much. They finally succeeded into teaching me some manners, but I am not even the least grateful.

They sometimes take extra care to perform their duties, back in teenage days, once I was traveling in bus with a classmate of mine, we both were equally crazy, one look at each other and we used to go rolling thinking about all the mischief we have done together. But it was never directed at anyone, our laughters were pure, without any reason, or due to harmless reasons. We did not got seats so we were standing side by side after spending a day in school. All of a sudden she started to giggle and before I realized I too started to giggle, and every time one of us was trying to control oneself the other’s giggle was breaking her vow, all of a sudden a girl sitting in front of us started to quarrel with us, blaming that we were laughing at her, we tried in vain to make her believe that we were not laughing at her, but she quarreled with great vehemence for the next forty five minutes we were in the bus together. That time, well, her snubbing did not work, because the more she was quarrelling the more we were laughing. But with maturity and age now these snubbing usually work.

Mostly these people are abundant in office, they don’t like people enjoying their life, and take care that others don’t enjoy theirs too. Especially if that person is in their hold, that is, their junior. They try to snub out that spirit by over burdening them with work, snapping at them without reason or hundred other pretexts. To them work is a grim thing, it cant go side by side with a grin. It has to be done with the expression of a surgeon doing an autopsy.

Whereas when I was a child I have seen that my father’s friends or even seniors did not minded laughing together, they were far more jollier than the people of that age group of present age. When they used to laugh or my aunties used to laugh we could hear it from far and wide, and we used to hear it very often, and it sounded really sweet.

I have often heard from my professional friends that they don’t laugh in office because its not smart to laugh in office, they don’t speak affectionately to colleagues because its not liked and so on. They are not wrong, these things do create a lot of unnecessary problem in most of the offices, specially if that office has high political level.

I have heard smile snubbers giving strange excuse for their behaviour like being so friendly is immatured, being so trusting is foolish, laughing so much is childish, hence its their moral duty to make that person of suspicious, grumpy and morose nature. I have faced too many of these people, some are rude and some diplomatic. Like I once heard from one of my bosses that one cant enjoy his work. Period. She sounded final, so I did not opened my mouth, but did not agreed with them. These people are safer. They don’t poison your mind. They try to bully you, but no one can read your mind, so you are safe. I really don’t like the second category, these people, if they say a group is enjoying, or two people are too happy together they poison it, very tactfully they create walls or sow the seed of suspicion, and usually they succeed.

But the sad part is If we continue moving this way to emotional mechanisation we sure will have to inject ourselves for laughter in a couple of years, even laughing clubs wont be able to do their jobs.

So lets fight these smile snubbers, and laugh more. To ward them and the energy vampires off. After all, if majority of us practice laughing and smiling, limited number of smile snubbers and energy vampires will run away or join.

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