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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Solitude and loneliness

People love to make this mistake, they confuse between loneliness and solitude, single and lonely, silent and sad. The list is never ending.

People often make a misconception that the people who live with themselves mostly, creating a blank space around them, which is penetrable yet non penetrable at the same time are unhappy or depressed. It’s the one of the biggest misconception any one can make in case of judgment.

I am one of these person, who love to spend long time on my own, simply not interacting with any one, I love to be on my own, listening to music, reading, watching movies on computer or surfing the cyberland. I always loved observing others but from a distance and without interfering in their affairs. During my school and college life I used to sit in a seat from where I was not visible to any one, and used to watch people walking on the street, they never felt the irritation of being watched, and I loved to see them in their natural way. Or in get togethers my role was more of a spectator enjoying the show.

Till now I don’t join in festivities like bursting crackers or pandal hopping, instead of that I love to watch those who are doing it, playing with crackers, colours or all decked up and dancing with joy.

People often form a misconception that I don’t mix with people because I think I am superior than them, a fact which I just cant make them understand that I know I am like every body else, but I love to watch people from a distance, I don’t like to mingle with some one until and unless he or she forces himself or herself into my space or I see some thing interesting in them. I rather love to play the role of audience, to watch the wheel turning.

In general I prefer just to watch and listen, not talk. That does not means I am homophobic or depressed. That means I am at peace with myself and the world. Sometimes those who think otherwise and try to tear my cocoon and get too cozy are the only one who get stinged, because I guess I am over protective of my solitude, of that blank space around me.

I really wonder every time I sting some one if it is really my fault or the clumsiness of these naïve people, who don’t understand the simple truth that need of solitary time varies from one person to another. Some people always want to have some one they can talk with, share their feeling and some people would not mind living in an isolated island.

I have finally concluded that the friction of social and unsocial people is eternal. Social people think unsocial people rude and unsocial people think that social people are naïve. Seekers of solitude always crave for hours of solitude in the urban jungle, and the social animals get confused about their true motive and make up opinions about them. Thinking it is really odd that a person would rather prefer to stay with himself for hours instead of talking with others, or having company of others.

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