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Friday, February 20, 2009

Perseverance is not worthiness

Mahesh was an adopted child, he was the eighth son of his poor parents, his wealthy aunty adopted him and he shifted to Mumbai with them.

He was one of those persons who had a strong, unshaking belief that they were the most tormented soul in the universe, and rarely missed a chance to tell it. His foster parents gave him every thing, love, good education, a foundation for a wonderful career, but failed to give him a strength of character, a power to bear the ups and downs of life with dignity and courage. He used to cry like a small child at the drop of a hat.

His first love failed because the girl he loved got tired of his complaining nature and moved on after a relationship of five years. She married some one else and got settled in Mumbai. Mahesh changed his job and moved to Delhi where his biological parents lived. He rented a lavish apartment near them and maintained a superficial relationship with them. Never letting them forget that even though he has not forgiven them for giving him away to his aunty, he is generous enough to hand them out petty helps.

One day while returning from office he noted his younger brother Ramesh talking with a girl, who had a stunning similarity with his old flame Neeta, the way the girl talked, laughed and looked had a stunning similarity. Only this girl was of a darker complexion and shorter height. He watched her for a long time and then when his brother took his bus, he followed that girl to her home. He observed with a little pleasure that she entered a very poor household.

Next day he left office on the same time and when he saw Ramesh talking with that girl he deliberately showed up, forcing him to introduce her to him. He clearly understood that Ramesh and this girl Nellie were deeply in love with each other, but he thought that he will be able to win her heart. Because he was richer and better looking. Ramesh was nothing in his comparison. After all, he is the one who has always been deprived.

He cleverly started to spin his web, next day he went to his foster parents, he emotionally blackmailed them to permit him to open a branch of their business in Delhi. Next thing he did was he appointed Ramesh as its Manager.

Taking advantage of Ramesh’s gratitude he became very friendly with him and Nellie. He was extra sweet with them, showering them with expensive gifts. To his great dismay Nellie used to refuse his gifts, and kept on calling him bhaiya (brother, as would be brother in law).

He tried his best to create a distance between the lovers but could not, the more he was defeated the more his determination grew.

Finally he tried his ultimate weapon, he begged his mother to arrange his marriage to Nellie because he cant live without her. He sobbed like a heart broken teenager and created a successful impression on his mother that he will die without her. His mother who thought Nellie was Ramesh’s friend happily told Ramesh asked him to do so. Ramesh was shell shocked. He felt for a while that the sky has crashed down on his head. Because he knew backing off from Mahesh’s offer will mean losing his job, which was helping his impoverished family more than enough,accepting it will mean end of his own life.

After thinking for a little he consulted his friends, one of his friends offered him a job in middle east. He immediately left for middle east. He met Nellie and told her that he will be away for indefinite time and asked her to wait for him. He could not dare to tell any one the real reason, because he had to keep the fear of failure in mind. He told Mahesh that a friend of his has offered him a job in Middle East, he wants to give it a try. Mahesh wished him luck hiding his feelings of euphoria successfully.

With Ramesh out of scene he started to chase Nellie with all gusto, who adamantly kept on calling a brother. As Ramesh has not confirmed her place in his life to his family she could not tell Mahesh the reason but any way she kept calling him brother.

Mahesh chose to ignore that, but on his under the desk instructions and successful display of obsession to Nellie some of his employees started to call her names behind her back and indirectly in her presence. Hinting that she is flirting with a man whereas she calls him brother. He thought she will stop calling him brother, but it backfired, she started to avoid him like plague.

Mahesh got tensed and contacted her family asking for her hand, but they already knew that Nellie loved Ramesh, and knew that she was a girl of very strict principles. So they turned up their hands at him and told him clearly that they cant help him. He left the house in tears.

He started to rebuild his relation with Ramesh and poison his mind against Nellie, deliberately trying to hoodwink him that she has fallen in love with him but cant admit it because she is committed to Ramesh. He successfully created the illusion and Ramesh started to distance himself from Nellie. Their relationship became bitter and finally it was destroyed. Ramesh came back successful from middle east, married a girl of his parent’s choice and left again.
Mahesh waited for a month and contacted Nellie’s father, her family, which has guessed his games and have tried to convince Ramesh, bluntly refused his offer and told him that they will rather hand her a bottle of poison.

Her father clearly told him that their daughter is not meant for a thief and scoundrel, who doesnot minds stealing some one else’s love or ruining the reputation and life of the object of his passion, with the heinous intention of forcing her to accept him.

He then told him that if someone desecrates the idol of a goddess it doesnot becomes unholy, it may become dirty but it will be rinsed and restored back to its old glory sooner or later, but the hand that does it gets its due sooner or later.

Finally he coldly reminded him a set of golden words, perseverance is not worthiness. He may have chased her for years but that doesnot makes him worthy of her.

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