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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

being happy

Being happy is the goal of almost all human beings. We only take up different measures for it, follow different paths to achieve this ultimate goal.

Some of us look for it in the companionship of God, human beings, animal or nature. Some of us look for it in literature, music or art. Some in materialistic pleasures, and some in harmful things which ultimately cause them harm.

Every human being has a complete right to live a happy and peaceful life. But these two things are hardest to get. Yet, if a person trains himself he can get these two jewels if not completely then adequately, enough to make him content.

We all try to be happy and live in peace but forget that every thing has its own price, and we have to pay it sooner or later, nothing comes for free. To be happy we have to take care of few things, like……

If we want to be happy we should take care that we don’t make others unhappy, at least we should not spread misery unnecessarily. We cant be happy if every one around us is miserable or unhappy. Happiness is a light which must be shared with others to keep it glowing.

If we want to be happy in the long run, then we will have to judge that whether or not the method of happiness is correct. That is, is there any possibility that the thing which is making us happy now will cause us pain in future, or may cast shadow on our future happiness or peace. Like if we indulge ourselves to shopping spree today, without caring about the budget it may starve us at the end of the month.

We should always be prepared for some unnecessarily raised eyebrows or harsh criticism for being so happy. Some will only raise their eyebrows and others will move a few more steps and try to make us feel guilty for being so happy, while they are not. That is, in clear words try to make us unhappy as they are not happy and don’t prefer others to be. This is the biggest challenge, which one can face while pursuing happiness or peace. Its very tough to be nonchalant to these people, because their unhappiness is infectious. So, the best way is to first try to make them happy and if you fail in that, it is best to avoid them as much as you can. And when you are forced to be with them act like lotus, let their misery roll down your petals like water and glow in your full glory.

We should never forget that with every joy comes a responsibility. Responsibility towards ourselves, and the society and above all to God, our conscience. If we keep this truth in mind we will never lose.

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  1. Being happy is one of the most important thing in every human beings life, that is one reason man/woman tries to work so hard to achieve it, yet in the pursuit of being happy and content we see that man goes to any extent to make that happen, even at the cost of someone else's happiness as you indicate in this post. You make some very valid points here, that though is very basic but still is so relevant and yet ignored by the masses. I like the fact that, though few in numbers people like you are concerned about the state of this world. Once the number of people start growing and more and more people start thinking we can definitely see a better world.