This is the beginning of third year of an existence I never imagined I will be living- being financially dependent on someone.

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I will like to clearly tell the robbers looking for fools to dupe to keep off – this one is too experienced to fall for your traps. I have tried for years to get a genuine, fair paying home-based job; the last time I was duped was in 2008 by a phony medical transcription institute, it gobbled up 30000 rupee and almost an years hard work, left me really sick in guts. Well, I am ready to take chances again but no longer being fooled. So, if any literary agent thinks that my works are worth it, I won’t mind sharing profits with him/ her; the percentage or fees for services will be negotiable. But please, don’t ask me to get a membership first, speak in trustworthy language. Or, any genuine publisher, publishing agency can gladly contact me, I will consider paying the fees if I think the offer isgenuine and reasonable.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

love returned

Deepak almost had an heart attack when he slipped on the water and dropped the beautiful flower vase, the loud crash brought his new mistress out. She stood there staring at those broken pieces and then at the small boy shaking with fear.

The first words that came out of her mouth were, “Stand where you are”. Then she went back to the room and brought two of her slippers placed them before the boy and asked him to put them on.

Deepak did not knew who his parents were, he has been living in the orphanage since his first memory, Mr. Yadav used to feed them as little as possible and make them work all day. And after crossing the age of ten years they were sent to different houses as servants.

Its been more than three years of toil for Deepak, he has changed atleast five homes because he never took beatings for long, and used to run away or hit back. After changing five homes he was finally placed in the home of Dr. Bose. Dr. Jayanta Bose’s family consisted of him, his wife Mira, his mother Mrinalini and his school going daughter Rima.

This time before sending him Mr. Yadav has told him that he will either kill him or throw him out of the orphanage if he returns again or is sent back.

The first day has passed without any event, they did not asked him to do any thing, today when he woke up Rimadidi asked him to come to garden with her, arranged the flower vase and asked him to place it on the centre table, he did not noticed the water on the floor as he was engrossed in the flowers, and caused the catastrophe.

He was standing outside the door, tears rolling down from his small cheek when Mira came out after giving the maid the instruction for cleaning up the mess. She thought that the child is hurt and hurriedly inspected his hands and legs, when she saw that he is not hurt she gently hugged him and wiped out his tears.

She took him inside and fed him the breakfast, after that she went to the market with him and brought new clothes and books for him. In the evening her mother in law started to teach him all the subjects. He was enrolled in a nearby school in the next session, even though all the wasted years of childhood took its price but the Boses took care of his present. He slowly started to shine as a student and player.

A couple of years later Dr. Bose placed him in a residential school before they shifted to USA. Deepak grew up and became a very efficient surgeon. One day when he was entering his chamber he heard that a woman has been admitted in a critical condition.

When he was entering the operation theatre he saw to elderly persons sitting outside the theatre, even though they were very shabbily dressed he instantly recognized them, and his belief was confirmed when he saw the patient lying on table.

The elderly person approached him after he came out with tears in his eyes, and pleaded that he cant pay for the expenses of the operation or the money required for recovery. Deepak asked them to accompany him to his cabin, he made them sit down and asked them about themselves.

They narrated a painful story of betrayal, they were Dr. Bose and his family alright, after shifting to USA they became friends with another family, they married Rima to their son back in India, their son in law drained them off their last penny on pretext of starting a new business and disappeared.

Dr. Bose returned to India and tried to start a practice in India but he could earn very little, hardly enough to feed his family. Rima was a little autistic so it was not possible for her to help in any way. She worked in a nursery school as a teacher earning a petty sum. To add up to the misery she met a horrible accident while returning last night.

Deepak listened to the entire story and after that asked them if they can recognize him, when they failed to recognize him he went and touched their feet, and introduced himself.

He took both of them to his home, his wife opened the door with a small toddler clinging to her leg, he asked her to touch the feet of his parents and she came forward with a smile on her lips.

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