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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

love and lust

Sujit did not knew who his parents were, they left him to die when he was only five months old, he was saved from sure death by Mr. Rastogi , who was not Mr. Rastogi then, he was Ramu aka Ramnarayan working in a chips factory.

Mr. Rastogi had some vices, very big vices but some goodness inside him compelled him to pick up that ugly child and bring him up with ample care even though he had a daughter and son of his own. He did not brought up Sujit as his own son but did not turned him into a free of cost slave either, he brought him up modestly. As a result Sujit joined his factory after graduation, Mr. Rastogi has already started to utilize his expertise in his first factory to produce chips which he used to sell in packets of big brands, of course illegally.

One night when Sujit came back Mr. Rastogi and Mrs Rastogi were waiting for him in the drawing room, they begged him to save their son Pratik from sure doom, their factory was in his name, and a police raid happened, and Pratik is in lock up. They begged before him to own the responsibilities and surrender himself, they will get him out on bail and make the arrangements for his escape.

Sujit did not had any choice, he was a very just guy, he knew where he would be if Mr. Rastogi did not saved him, he silently accompanied them, they got him bailed out within a month and made arrangements of his disappearance smoothly.

They sent him to a very small town in Uttar Pradesh, rented a home there and asked him to keep a low profile, his expenses were looked after by Pratik who used to visit him atleast once a month. He was very fond of Sujit hence was repentant that he had to suffer because of his father.

One day Sujit was sitting beside his window when he saw a taxi pull up in front of the house opposite to his, a pretty girl descended from the taxi, with her were an old lady and a young guy.

They were his new neighbours, the family was from Delhi, the brother, Raj has joined a big factory in Tejnagar. He brought along his family which consisted of his widow mother and sister Raina. There was some thing in Raina which instantly attracted Raj towards her, her face was not very beautiful but was immensely kind. Her eyes were full of gentlest dreams.

It became an obsession of Sujit to watch her whenever she was visible, he understood very soon that she was a very kind girl, gentle and sensitive. Her world was woven around her family and irrelevant things like books, music, birds, animals and other such things.

Without his knowledge Pratik also saw her and got smitten by her sweetness, his frequency of visits increased and he started to stalk the girl, the girl ignored him because she was least impressed by flashy cars, unfortunately it only increased Pratik’s obsession, he made up his mind about having her as his wife. He knew every thing about her, hence he thought that he will make her leave Tejpur and go back to Delhi, because Pratik’s family lived near the girl’s home in Delhi. Once she is snatched away from her family she will feel lonely and insecured, then he will step in as a rescuer, he will ask his parents to get him married to her.

He acted upon his wish and made the girl so miserable with the help of some of his local chums that the girl left Tejnagar and went back to Delhi. Her mother had to stay back to look after her brother, she went back to her home in Delhi, which was empty at that time. Pratik followed her, he showed her photo to his mother and told her that he wanted to marry her. His parents bluntly refused because the girl was from middle class family.

They forced Pratik to marry some one of their choice, Pratik married the girl without much fuss because she was really beautiful, but fate had some other plans, after his marriage every thing went wrong with them and his wife passed away within five years leaving two small children. Their business also took a downward plunge, Pratik was sure that it was because of that girl’s curse, because he knew that the perfect way in which he has blackwashed her image has made it impossible for her family to find a match for her and she herself has also backed off from the idea of marriage, because they have displayed the dirty side of human nature too explicitly to her.

He shared his secret with his mother and requested her to approach her for marriage. Mrs. Rastogi brushed him off, saying she will find better bride for him, and started to look for one, Pratik requested his father, he softened and asked him to appoint the girl in his office so he could see whether the girl is nice and they could mix, Pratik did the same, to his dismay he noticed that experience has made the girl really rigid and strong willed, she was not interested to give him any type of lift even now, when they were face to face, and he realized another thing that the girl has not casted a single glance at him when he was busy stalking her, because she took him as a stranger.

After seeing her he had a change of heart and consented to his mother to look for another bride, she soon found out a really pretty and cute girl who instantly won Pratik’s heart, but some thing got inside Mr. Rastogi, he said that he wont co operate in his marriage in any way until and unless he marries Raina.
And if he marries some one else he will try to compensate to Raina by giving her half the property he wanted to give Pratik.

All requests from Pratik and his mother fell on deaf ear. Mr. Rastogi has already formed a great affection for the girl, hence he made it very clear that he wont change his mind.

Pratik got desperate and started an attempt to kill that affection, he deliberately used to bother and insult that girl whenever his father was not around and when his father was around he used to transform into an angel, whereas the girl used to act rudely to him, because he was a shameless, rude stalker in his eyes. He once again requested some of his scoundrel accomplices to make that girl leave that job and they started to disturb her.

Mr. Rastogi was observing them pretty keenly without his knowledge, he understood the game his son was playing but could not do any thing much, hence he went to Sujit’s doorstep again, who has settled in Canada, he told him the entire story and requested him to save that girl from Pratik’s clutches, Sujit’s love for her re surfaced, he promised Mr. Rastogi that he will try.

Mr. Rastogi introduced them on pretext of extending his business to Canada. He became her friend very soon and within a few month their friendship intensified, because Sujit loved her with all her heart. Still he could not dare to face her because he had a serious complex about his looks. Within a few months Raina fell in love with him all the harassment she was facing in Pratik and his friends hand only intensified her trust for Sujit.

Sujit asked her if he could look for a job for her in Canada, because he knew every thing about her, he suggested her to relocate and leave those rats behind. She sent him her cv. He soon got a good job for her and she left India.

Pratik got married very soon after her leaving India, he planned to visit Sujit for honeymoon. When he reached there with his newly wed wife and kids he saw Sujit standing beside Raina and his father. The vermillion on Raina’s forehead told him the remaining story. A deep pang went through his heart when he saw the tenderness in Sujit and Raina’s glances when they looked at each other.

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