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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

evil python

The infamous trio were sitting on the park bench facing the lake, watching the boaters rowing their boats, sometimes alone, sometimes a loving couple, or family members and friends, all type of them enjoying the fresh air which was blowing and the cool serene water after a scorching summer day.

Mrs. Gupta first noticed Jane sitting in a bench little far away from them, she was sitting there with her laptop as usual, and a sketch book and bag. The typical artistic jhola.

Mrs Gupta muttered, “I have never seen such beautiful eyes as hers, even though you cant call them dove eye, or doe eyes but the purity that drops from them makes it so divine that one will love to sit beside her and see them.”

Mrs Sinha chimed in, “That’s why she is bothered so much in life, one look at that face and every one will know that she doesnot have venom enough to hit back when hurt.”

Mrs. Ghosh joined them a little bitterly, “In this world of crows, and vultures the gentle souls suffer immensely, after all, virtue is more persecuted by evil than it is adored by good people.”

Then she added, “In this world of shoving and pushing, and bullying no wonder that people like her are a treasure, who know how to love life and how to let others live.”

Mrs Gupta slowly commented, “How could people like Dilip Shah had the audacity of thinking that she will cast a single glance at them is a wonder, they just made that poor soul miserable. Don’t they know they are as different as black is from white, as mud from chandan?”

“its good to see that she recovered from the entire thing without losing her heart or peace of mind.”, Mrs. Sinha softly commented.

Jane was unmarried, she never thought marriage as essence but was ready to settle down with a person she could love, trust and respect. She has been friends with a guy from Indore for years through internet. They have often talked on phone, exchanged mails and smses but never met face to face. Deepak often showed his affection to her but she could not reciprocate, because falling in love with some one without seeing him was impossible for her.

Then Deepak came to Kolkata on a tour and they met, she instantly fell in love with him because he had an out of the world innocence and purity in him. He returned to Indore and slowly disappeared in the background. She tried a lot to revive that friendship but could not. It subsided into casual friendship.

Then suddenly a new friend popped up, Mahesh, he has been her friends ever since Deepak became her friend but maintained a low profile, he used to exchange only mails, all of a sudden, he became over friendly, but she maintained a distance because he was married. He was also from the same community which made Deepak her friend.

All the while she was friends with Deepak who used to act in a strange manner, as if he was hell bent to ruin even the friendship they had, all of a sudden he became very abusive, she consoled herself by thinking that he has stopped liking her after seeing her.

Then slowly things were blasted because Deepak came to visit her again, the person who has been faking as Deepak was not actually Deepak, he was Dilip, one of her colleagues from Indore, a guy who has stalked her to the limit of her disgust, she utterly despised him because there was nothing in him which she could toler, forget about like, who in return was obsessed with her and snooped on her without her knowledge. He used to visit Jane’s office more than once a month and was quite popular among some of her colleagues. What Jane did not knew was he used to work in Deepak’s office as a part timer. Two hours each day.

He easily discovered about Deepak, who got married after Dilip convinced her that Jane is flirt. Dilip has often eaves dropped her conversation with him, and from the other end too and used it in impersonating him, and installed some spyware in her office p.c. which used to send a copy of her mails to his computer, so he could keep a track of her mails and could not get caught.

He was simply settling his scores by hitting her impersonating as her loved one. Every time she refused her as Dilip he used to immediately insult her faking as Deepak. With ruthlessness and glee.

It was Dilip who impersonated as Mahesh and befriended her, to tarnish her image in Deepak’s eyes. He used to disconnect the phone after talking with her for a while and used to talk sweet nothings into the dead phone, so that Deepak becomes confident that she was having an affair with him and walks away from her, so he could have his way. But when she rudely refused him with utter hatred and disgust he showed his real nature and character.

Mrs. Gupta added, “If only that dirty scoundrel Dilip had seen his own face in mirror, and seen Deepak’s he would have known why a person who likes Deepak cant like him, forget about loving him.

His face, behaviour is so reflective of his dirty character that people like us will shrink back from him with hatred, forget about spiritual women like Jane. And he did ultimately showed his real face and proved that she was right in loathing her. The level to which he went he should be shot like a mad dog.”

Mrs. Sinha added, “What a repulsive creature, its really ridiculous that a filthy beast like him could dream about a girl like her. These people are tarnish to humanity, trust and love. They try to show off their dirty obsession as love, where as it is lust in its crudest form, even the thought of him and his ways makes me want to puke.“

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