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Monday, March 23, 2009

Disaster management in India

This article was written last year, when bihar was facing a horrible flood disaster, as the monsoon are approaching, I will love to share this article with everyone especially people of bihar, hoping it may give them some ideas if the disaster strikes again. Which environment specialists doubt as true. If the skies pour down again.

I have been reading about the Bihar flood from the very first day, and the havoc that it has caused. I have listened to the non government organizations coming forward and collecting money from the common people to do some thing for the flood victims, but all we could hear from government quarters was squabble.

When a hurricane hit Galveston island in 1900 six thousand people perished, another hurricane of similar capacity struck Galveston in 1915 only a dozen or so people perished, reason? The government has built a sea wall, and most probably have evacuated the city, like it has done when Ike was heading for Houston.

The citizens of America will survive if their homes are destroyed, but the poor people of rural India who don’t even have a proper house, can they survive if they lose every thing that they have? I believe not. Its scary to think what will be their condition, and scarier to think what will government do to re establish them, and when!

To add up to their misfortune, I have read that the soil which Kosi is bringing is poisonous, its not the rich, fertile soil that rivers bring down. So once the waters recede the people had more miseries in store.

The victims of Tsunamis have not yet recovered from their wound, they are constantly exploited by greedy people, my friend’s sister works for Tsunami affected people, so I know a little bit of inside stories. I wonder what was in store of the extremely poor Bihar people.

In a country like India where relief materials rot, I think the voluntary organizations can take a few humanitarian steps. In small towns reputed organizations like Ramkrishna Mission and Bharat Sevashram Sangha goes door to door with authentic papers and collect even worn dresses from people. Naturally they are quite cautious about hygienic side, and select only appropriate dresses. I remember they used to take only cotton, tant or light synthetic saree and pants and shirts and of course kid wear, monetary help was welcome and they took 11 rupee donation with dignity. I have seen school children fishing out one rupee coin for their boxes. If such people collect relief materials most of the people will give without hesitation. That covers the preliminary part, the collection of donation.

Second is they can locate the nearest ashram to the affected area and dump the relief materials there.

Third is they can request the service of ex army men who were expert in relief work and hand over the relief material to them from that point onward, they will do the distribution.

I think instead of waiting for government officials to have pity on dying people this will be a lot more effective way of working. I have a lot more faith on charitable organizations than government officials. And whatever I said, I think is quite easily achievable if they really want.

Hope we wake up and make some homeworks before entering the examination hall. When we are sitting in the hall we don’t have much choice about what to answer. But if we study before it we will have our feet on ground.

And it will be wise to keep these points in mind as having one or other natural calamity every year is a natural phenomenon in India, the land of geographical diversities.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you have faith in what the NGOs have done for Bihar. I can understand though that many people aren't sure where or how their money will be used.

    That's why, when GiveIndia helped NGOs raise funds for the flood victims, we kept posting updates on our blog. click on the links below if you're interested to read more.