This is the beginning of third year of an existence I never imagined I will be living- being financially dependent on someone.

I am absolutely at my patience’s end and am hundred percent sincere about trying any genuine free lance job on writing, that is I write and you pay, I am not keen to hit jackpot, fair payment will be fine enough for me.

I will like to clearly tell the robbers looking for fools to dupe to keep off – this one is too experienced to fall for your traps. I have tried for years to get a genuine, fair paying home-based job; the last time I was duped was in 2008 by a phony medical transcription institute, it gobbled up 30000 rupee and almost an years hard work, left me really sick in guts. Well, I am ready to take chances again but no longer being fooled. So, if any literary agent thinks that my works are worth it, I won’t mind sharing profits with him/ her; the percentage or fees for services will be negotiable. But please, don’t ask me to get a membership first, speak in trustworthy language. Or, any genuine publisher, publishing agency can gladly contact me, I will consider paying the fees if I think the offer isgenuine and reasonable.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Books and their effects

I was born in a home which had minimum luxury in relation to clothe and food but we were blessed with a huge garden, couple of pets and a huge library, containing books of all sorts, starting from medical books to comics. My childhood was dream childhood for any child. My parents never stopped the easy flow of our life. Their only rule was we will have to finish our studies properly. The remaining time was our own.

My first reading started with comics strips and went on to all the books in the library excluding medical books. I realized in my teens that the proverb, books are a person’s best friend, is true to the core.

The fairy tales and adventure books taught me to dream, my childhood was filled with dreams of distant lands and planets and beautiful creatures.

The books like aranyak or tarzan series taught me how to love wildlife and nature, a love which still colours up my life, whenever I see a beautiful bird or tree I get a great pleasure out of that, a joy I have seen a lot of people are deprived of. The way nature was painted in aranyak was a feast for mind, I still can feel the beauty of deep forest portrayed by the author, have read the book for dozens of times and am yet eager to read again.

Books by Maupassant, somerset Maugham, saratchandra taught me human values, compassion, the priceless lesson that human beings are supposed to commit mistake, and most of them are forgivable, one should not expect human beings to be perfect. That is why they are human beings.

Poetry and songs by rabindranath taught me to console my broken heart, to draw a line to human heart’s ever yearning nature. It helped me to develop spiritually, to look for solace into God in times of darkest pain. It helped to control myself with dignity and peace of mind in big storms.

The authors like Bankimchandra can paint picture with their words, I have not read another author who has used Bengali so beautifully. His language is simply out of this world.

When I see today’s children engrossed in TV and computer I really feel sad, because these two mediums deprive them of one of the most beautiful human talents, the talent which only human beings possess, the power of imagination. The fantasy world which we used to create.

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