This is the beginning of third year of an existence I never imagined I will be living- being financially dependent on someone.

I am absolutely at my patience’s end and am hundred percent sincere about trying any genuine free lance job on writing, that is I write and you pay, I am not keen to hit jackpot, fair payment will be fine enough for me.

I will like to clearly tell the robbers looking for fools to dupe to keep off – this one is too experienced to fall for your traps. I have tried for years to get a genuine, fair paying home-based job; the last time I was duped was in 2008 by a phony medical transcription institute, it gobbled up 30000 rupee and almost an years hard work, left me really sick in guts. Well, I am ready to take chances again but no longer being fooled. So, if any literary agent thinks that my works are worth it, I won’t mind sharing profits with him/ her; the percentage or fees for services will be negotiable. But please, don’t ask me to get a membership first, speak in trustworthy language. Or, any genuine publisher, publishing agency can gladly contact me, I will consider paying the fees if I think the offer isgenuine and reasonable.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009


If we observe keenly we will sadly agree that modern world is of shoving and pushing. The more aggressive you are, the more mileage you will gain. Aggession and ruthlessness has become the mantra for success. Today the gentlemen are roughly pushed to back seat by less qualified or eligible go getters. The softer you are the worser nightmare your career life will become, no matter how capable you are if you cant fight tooth and nail for it, or opt for the “by hook or by crook” policy you wont be able to make steady place.

There will be always a fear lurking in the corner that some one will grab your well deserved seat by some under the seat method.

If we see we will realize that its just the way the society is moving, it does not all of a sudden pops up its head once a person joins an office. Modern day children are brought up that way. Our parents used to teach us compassion, humility, affection. Today the children are taught to be competitive, ruthless, selfish. When they grow up they give the society the same. It does not have any connection with poverty, today the luxury in the life of common man is far more than it was twenty years ago.

We were taught by our parents that sharing never makes you poor, it makes you spiritually rich. The boys and girls who did not shared were called selfish, but today they are called smart.

Some how the sharing tendency has changed to grabbing tendency. We have started to think mainly for only us, even our parents don’t fall in our private circle. We often take them as threat to our luxury too. We cant share our excess income with them, forget about bare necessities.

I have read in an article that its due to population explosion, a group of scientists have proved it with a group of rats in an confined enclosure. The more their numbers grew their aggression increased. If we study human society, we will see the same symptoms. There is an overeager ness for grabbing for things, which we may never need.

Say, for example, where is the problem in sharing our excess clothes or money with people who don’t have any? Is it necessary that we will have to make a postmortem or set up an enquiry committee to assess the worthiness of the stretched hand? How poor he really is, what does he does with the one rupee coin which we gave them or the rejected shirt we gave them? I remember the beautiful doha by rahim which meant those people who stretch their palm for favour are already dead, but those who refuse them are doubly so. They have died before them.

We are forgetting that every society moves together to get a goal. People bulldoze others in stampede or battlegrounds, not in a civilized society. If we turn away our face from the suffering of other peoples, burning down of their houses, our homes will not be saved either.

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