This is the beginning of third year of an existence I never imagined I will be living- being financially dependent on someone.

I am absolutely at my patience’s end and am hundred percent sincere about trying any genuine free lance job on writing, that is I write and you pay, I am not keen to hit jackpot, fair payment will be fine enough for me.

I will like to clearly tell the robbers looking for fools to dupe to keep off – this one is too experienced to fall for your traps. I have tried for years to get a genuine, fair paying home-based job; the last time I was duped was in 2008 by a phony medical transcription institute, it gobbled up 30000 rupee and almost an years hard work, left me really sick in guts. Well, I am ready to take chances again but no longer being fooled. So, if any literary agent thinks that my works are worth it, I won’t mind sharing profits with him/ her; the percentage or fees for services will be negotiable. But please, don’t ask me to get a membership first, speak in trustworthy language. Or, any genuine publisher, publishing agency can gladly contact me, I will consider paying the fees if I think the offer isgenuine and reasonable.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

ideal match

The threesome were sitting side by side chatting with each other in an idle manner when a newly wed couple walked by the wife smiled at them sweetly and they smiled back coldly.

When they were out of their earshot Mrs. Ghosh said in a hushed tone, “This is what I should call the perfect match.” and smirked.

Mrs. Sinha giggled and asked her to keep her voice low and added, “If she hears your comment, your day is ruined!”

Mrs. Dutt added, “This is why they say that you can bring a horse to water, but you cant make him drink it.”

“Suresh’s parents tried their level best to get him married to Prema, but he picked up his ideal match. Now lets see how long it takes him to understand that every thing that glitters is not gold.”

Suresh’s parents were not in favour of his marrying his wife Jayita, she was a very sharp tongued and untrustworthy woman. She was easy with her body and tongue. She used to mix with men as if she was one of them and cracked nastiest jokes, relished vulgarest discussions to her heart’s fill. She used to pry out the animal side of every man who came in touch with her. But she had lots of style, oomph factor and a sweet (occasionally fiery) tongue.

When Suresh’s parents observed that he is obsessed with Jayita they tried their level best to make him marry Prema. They tried their level best without crossing their limits. They knew that they don’t have any right to force their decision on Suresh so they introduced him to Prema, and requested her to befriend him. She did. But Suresh rejected her like a drunkard rejects a glass of water.

When Prema observed that he was obsessed with Jayita, and the type of woman Jayita was she gently explained the harsh truth to Suresh’s parents that a person who likes a woman like Jayita, can never like a girl like Prema. So they should better brace themselves, and be prepared that she is the one who will be their daughter in law, if she doesnot rejects Suresh. Because even though she moves around with Suresh she calls him filthiest names and makes fun of him when she is among her friends.

Suresh’s parents could not say a single word to her, because they knew she was speaking the truth, but made preparations of shifting to their second house after son’s marriage.

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